4 Ways to Pick a Good Bar

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Resort & Hotels

Picking out a good bar matters. There are plenty of bars out there but not all of them will have the right environment to give you what you want. Here’s how to choose the best bars in Gaslamp if you want a good time:

Pick one with events

Some bars offer nothing but dinner and dancing. But that might not be your cup of tea. A bar with nightly events makes for a much better choice, says Elite Man Magazine. Go on different nights and you’ll have fun meeting other people, taking part in the festivities and merrymaking. That’s a whole lot more exciting than going to a bar with nothing to do.

Ditch the dive bars

If you’re going to a bar to enjoy yourself with a group of pals or looking for a potential date, that’s one good reason to give the dive bars a wide berth. The best bars will have men or women you’ll want to strike up a conversation or share a drink with. If the bar doesn’t offer those, hop on to the next one.

Go for good music

A bar with the worst taste in music is a no-no. Pick one that knows good music. And by good, we mean something you can dance to. That goes hand in hand with a good dance floor. If both check out, then let the fun and good times roll. If the dance floor is too small, it won’t take long before there’s a tight crowd. If you and your friends don’t have the space you need, it’s easy enough to go to the other best bars in Gaslamp.

Check out the lounge area

Not in the mood to squeeze into the dance floor when the music starts? Check out the lounge area with friends or watch the screen at the bar. With great food and a drink in your hand, you’ll have fun, relaxing the night away.